"New" Camera for Chicago Trip by Jamie Espino

Recently I found a bunch of 90s toy cameras and I had to keep one for myself since they are just too cute! Since the manual suggests outdoor use only, I thought what better time to test it out than my trip to Chicago. Overall, the pictures turned out how I would expect for a simple point and shoot, but I was surprised at the crazy long ratio. The most vivid color definitely was in direct sun; the second pic is my absolute favorite. Oh and FYI, I did open the back of the camera while winding the there are some light leaks...oops! You can buy the camera here

Camera Roll Update #1 by Jamie Espino

Hello, welcome to my hot first post of 2018!! So this year I'm gonna try and keep up with having collections...which I've tried before, but sometimes it's just easier to fling out pieces as I get them since it's hard for me to create a singular aesthetic. To start off the year I've created two new sections in the shop: "classix" and "daydreamer". The first is sort of minimalist staples...with some edge (i.e. skulls and chains balanced with lace). The latter has a bit more romance a.k.a florals, voluminous silhouettes, and charming purses. I'll be adding to them as the year progresses since the themes are broad and season-less; very important in an instagram era overrun by trends. Some of the pics are items already in the shop and some will be coming soon. My personal fave is the basket purse because I had previously found the exact same one. Except I took the last one to sephora, accidentally smeared lipstick all over it, and then spray painted it pink.

Best of 2017: Top More-Than-10 Fotos by Jamie Espino

It's so hard to pick just ten so I didn't. This was the year I bought my first DSLR! I still don't like digital pics that much but it's very convenient and cheaper than film.  Of course, I won't give up on the latter; it captures light so well. I tried to organize the faves from earliest in the year to latest to see if theres any development, technical or otherwise. 

Best of 2017: Top 10 Outfits by Jamie Espino

It's that time of year when we nostalgically reflect aka dig through pics on social media and repost whatever we are actually proud of. I never thought I had a signature style or aesthetic but looking through these photos it's obvious there's some underlying themes. Anyway here are mi favorite outfits I've styled for the shop this year! Also, I should probably publish blog posts during the day (and routinely), but I only get inspired when I'm tucked in for the night ¯\_(ツ)_/¯