Finding Your Vintage Fit by Jamie Espino

here I am, style curator and video editor extraordinare...finally answering the age old online shopping question: WILL IT FIT? the answer is both obvious and shocking (hint: measuring tape). but in all seriousness if you have  questions about vintage lemme know! 

"New" Camera for Chicago Trip by Jamie Espino

Recently I found a bunch of 90s toy cameras and I had to keep one for myself since they are just too cute! Since the manual suggests outdoor use only, I thought what better time to test it out than my trip to Chicago. Overall, the pictures turned out how I would expect for a simple point and shoot, but I was surprised at the crazy long ratio. The most vivid color definitely was in direct sun; the second pic is my absolute favorite. Oh and FYI, I did open the back of the camera while winding the there are some light leaks...oops! You can buy the camera here

SUPER FASTEST Photography Tutorial by Jamie Espino

Oops I really don't keep up with blogging. Do people still read blogs? Please let me know! Anyway video editing is fun/relaxing so I made a quick guide on how to take pictures for your insta. This is intended as inspiration for like product photography, but I guess you can make monochromatic still lives whether you have a business or not :-) If you have any other ideas for blog posts/vids DM me on insta I'm not very good at creating content jiji 


Zine Interview: University of the Arts London Archives by Jamie Espino

Sometime last year I got a random message asking if I wanted my zine in UAL's archive and I said of course! Here's the interview about said zine. I think I've only made one zine since college and I never realized that I had built up a collection of work until I was trying to find a good image to send for the blog post. I should probably make another sometime soon...anyway if you're interested in any of the zines not for purchase on etsy, just shoot me a message on instagram, I still have copies of older ones.