Songs 2 Book Keep 2 by Jamie Espino

Y’know I hate blogging. I lit-uh-rally start every post like that. I won’t make my new years resolution to post more on here, but it would be a nice idea to actually use the website that I pay for. I see ppl making playlists and I’m like “what does that hafta do with selling clothes” but I guess u wanna be interactive and multi media or something. Probably related to marketing/branding. Anyway it’s tax season which means I haven’t done bookkeeping for a whole year and I AM SWAMPED up to the eyeballs with receipts. Mayhaps this year I will learn to log stuff as I go. So right now it’s just me, my spreadsheets, and headphones (with wires, no airpods). Hope y’all enjoy this mix it is very…poorly curated. jajaja.

Oh hey, buy a t-shirt or something so I can buy spotify premium.

"New" Camera for Chicago Trip by Jamie Espino

Recently I found a bunch of 90s toy cameras and I had to keep one for myself since they are just too cute! Since the manual suggests outdoor use only, I thought what better time to test it out than my trip to Chicago. Overall, the pictures turned out how I would expect for a simple point and shoot, but I was surprised at the crazy long ratio. The most vivid color definitely was in direct sun; the second pic is my absolute favorite. Oh and FYI, I did open the back of the camera while winding the there are some light leaks...oops! You can buy the camera here

Zine Interview: University of the Arts London Archives by Jamie Espino

Sometime last year I got a random message asking if I wanted my zine in UAL's archive and I said of course! Here's the interview about said zine. I think I've only made one zine since college and I never realized that I had built up a collection of work until I was trying to find a good image to send for the blog post. I should probably make another sometime soon...anyway if you're interested in any of the zines not for purchase on etsy, just shoot me a message on instagram, I still have copies of older ones. 


RE- Group Show by Jamie Espino

I don't know how to document my art work bc I'm not in school anymore... but screen printing curtains and making mirrors is really fun and I wanna get into the house decor scene. 

Art Update: Group Show by Jamie Espino

I finally started working on my project for a group show I'm in next month at Rogers Experimental House.  The main theme is artists that work sustainably which fits into my practices since I work on thrifted/found materials. Basically I'm going to do a pseudo-store front; v minimal tho. I have some mirrors that I'm going to add text to and I'm almost done screen-printing a curtain for the fitting room type area. Mostly I've been thinkin about catholicism (stations of the cross and ten commandments), ader error's flagship store in seoul, and of course the over-saturated trends on instagram that just support disposable fashion. Getting dressed is one of the funnest parts of my day and can be a ritual in itself. Hopefully people will start thinking more about how one of the simplest parts of your day can have a lasting effect on the environment and those who actually make your clothing. If you are in the Northwest Arkansas area next month stop by the opening on February 8th to see my work alongside three other women working in sustainable art :-)