Poorly Curated IRL by Jamie Espino

Finally set up my lil space in Olen & Co. Market! I’ll have a superverywell curated selection of garments, accessories, and tiny bit of home decor. I think if I was in BK or LA I would do very well but yknow life exists in between the coasts so. SICK I THINK IT LOOKS CUTE

Songs 2 Book Keep 2 by Jamie Espino

Y’know I hate blogging. I lit-uh-rally start every post like that. I won’t make my new years resolution to post more on here, but it would be a nice idea to actually use the website that I pay for. I see ppl making playlists and I’m like “what does that hafta do with selling clothes” but I guess u wanna be interactive and multi media or something. Probably related to marketing/branding. Anyway it’s tax season which means I haven’t done bookkeeping for a whole year and I AM SWAMPED up to the eyeballs with receipts. Mayhaps this year I will learn to log stuff as I go. So right now it’s just me, my spreadsheets, and headphones (with wires, no airpods). Hope y’all enjoy this mix it is very…poorly curated. jajaja.

Oh hey, buy a t-shirt or something so I can buy spotify premium.

"New" Camera for Chicago Trip by Jamie Espino

Recently I found a bunch of 90s toy cameras and I had to keep one for myself since they are just too cute! Since the manual suggests outdoor use only, I thought what better time to test it out than my trip to Chicago. Overall, the pictures turned out how I would expect for a simple point and shoot, but I was surprised at the crazy long ratio. The most vivid color definitely was in direct sun; the second pic is my absolute favorite. Oh and FYI, I did open the back of the camera while winding the film..so there are some light leaks...oops! You can buy the camera here