What is Poorly Curated?

Poorly Curated is first and foremost a shop. It's a collection of garments, accessories, and sometimes housewares from the second half of the 20th century. I'm not picky on decades since each time period has cool stuff to offer. Poorly Curated is also kind of a brand. Some pieces are screen-printed, painted, reworked or all of the above. 

The Heart of It All

My goal for this shop is to provide unique, quality pieces that cater to personal style rather than fickle trends. In doing so, I hope to contribute to smarter and more sustainable shopping practices. You get one of a kind pieces and no new resources or labor had to be exploited to create them; it's a win-win! I really can't stress enough how fast (aka disposable) fashion is awful for earth and her people. It's okay to love clothes, just be more thoughtful while doing so.

I Keep Talking in First Person

Jamie Espino is the person who started and runs Poorly Curated. I'm an alright curator and sometimes creator. I hand-pick, style, and photograph all the pieces that come thru this shop + I sometimes screenprint, paint, and sew my own designs. My hero is Nancy as in Nancy from the comics.

still have more questions? you can reach me by email. it is verypoorlycurated@gmail.com